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Join the WebERP4 family and become part of a great opportunity to deliver the best business management applications to your customers. We authorize consultant partners, associates, resellers, affiliates and system integrators to support and sell our products.
Besides our own wonderful team, we also have remarkable partners who also helped us to grow and develop from a simple project to an actual business. We share a strong working relationship with some of the biggest Enterprise Partners around the world.
A brief about our partnership program
We want all our partners to use our web-based ERP applications; this is to help them acquire good knowledge about the product they are going to sell to their clients.
The investment for our partnership program is Rs. 3.0 Lakh or $ 5000 USD.
Return on Investment:
Our partners can deduct their investments from the business they bring in. Initially @ 50% till their principle is recovered and thereafter @ 25% of all the business they bring in, that includes subsequent renewals, product enhancements, product updates etc.
Who can become a partner?
Companies that want to sell, market and deliver WebERP4 products and applications can become our partners. The WebERP4 partner program allows resellers to earn commission on sales of our products according to the WebERP4 partnership agreement.
How to Apply?
Companies interested in joining the WebERP4 Partner Program should complete the online application form below. The WebERP4 business development team will assess the submitted application and respond in a timely manner.
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