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Assets Management
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Assets Management
Assets management is a web based software application. It helps in creating and managing a data repository of all the assets in your enterprise. You can track and manage any kind of asset in this application. Assets used internally or externally can also be managed in this application. This application is scalable for unlimited assets type and can be customized on any business requirement.
Assets Management
Key Features
1 Add and maintain a complete inventory of assets across your enterprise with different locations
2 Segregate assets as per their categories
3 Maintains complete records of assets with vendors information
4 Maintain inventory of assets with purchase information, license, expiration dates and manufacturer details
5 Track history and ownership of assets, and any modifications done on them
6 Stay informed about every change in your inventory with automatic email notifications
7 Segregate asset information branch wise or location wise
8 Generate asset reports branch wise or location wise
1 Improve returns on assets
2 Helps asset budgeting and forecasting
3 Helps in asset tracking and inventory management
4 Decrease costs and risk
5 Improve asset-related decision making
6 Lower’s TCO
7 Gain control on asset inventory
8 Helps loss detection
9 Timely inventory updation and status helps risk reduction
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