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Client Management
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Client Management
Client management system is developed almost for any business. It is actually used to manage, store and process information on your client details. It helps to easily access and search your client details at the click of a button. Client management system is networked and can be used by multiple users. WebERP4’s Client management system is fully scalable and customized as per business requirements.
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Key Features
1 Add manage clients and their information
2 Clients can be categorized as permanent and temporary
3 Group clients by their relationship and profile
4 Save Clients projects information
5 Accessible to employees who has customer contact
6 Saves Client notes and appointments
7 Reminds or send alerts of client appointments
8 Search clients information in alphabetical order
9 Search client information with company name, client name, contact person name, email or domain name
10 Shows total number of clients
11 User can suspend a client or inactivate client information from the application
12 Client quotation and invoices are saved as a pdf file and can be viewed
13 Client information can be edited, viewed and copied
14 Follow up information can be viewed
15 Instant messaging through email or SMS can be done from this application
16 All Clients can be managed as Active and In-Active country wise
17 Clients website URLs can be save and viewed
18 Service provided information to the client can be viewed
1 Easy to use
2 Need minimum expense and training for a non computer savvy staff
3 Convenient to save all your clients information at the press of a button
4 WebERP4 can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device
5 Accessible to employees who has customer contact
6 Total clients information is saved in one application
7 Helps organization to become customer focused
8 No need for a full time administrator
9 Ability to add clients, easily and flexibly
10 Fully customizable
11 Fully scalable
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