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Assignments & Projects Management
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Assignments & Projects Management
Assignments & Projects management helps to assign tasks and deadlines to students and monitor their performance on completion of these tasks. All the Assignments & Projects are assigned with a start and end date, student update the task on completion. Teachers can check the status of the task and prepare report when it is completed.
Assignments and Projects Management
Key Features
1 Assign Assignments & Projects to students or a group of students
2 Track all pending tasks
3 Track all completed tasks
4 Monitor students status on the assigned Assignments & Projects
5 Track students performance (daily / monthly)
6 Prepare report on students performance
7 Assign Assignments & Projects with start date and end date
8 Email notifications can be send for each assignments & project work
9 All pending assignments & project work can be viewed location wise or branch wise
10 All the completed task can be closed
11 All pending work can be searched by date
1 Organize and plan all the assignments & project work
2 Assign assignments & project work to students, track student performance
3 Monitor missed deadlines
4 Balance students team work loads, increase students team productivity
5 Monitor team progress
6 Improve individual productivity
7 Reduce time to complete assignments & project work
8 Evaluate student performance based on task completion report
9 Monitor assignments & project work completion
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