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Lead Management
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Lead Management
Our Lead Management is designed to provide individualized follow-up to parent / student enquiries generated by all online activities. It helps in tracking leads for proper planning and setting of business goals. Due to improper follow-ups many leads go un-attended. This application will help to track those un-attended students leads.
Key Features
1 Track parent / student enquiry information from website, telephone enquiry or direct enquiry
2 Update website content, courses and other information through user friendly content manager
3 Create and manage different marketing campaigns (email and SMS campaigns).
4 User friendly dashboard helps to track all details about your school / college
5 Notes, comments, remarks and attachments can be added to each parent / student enquiry
6 All fields and course details can be customized in this application
7 User can restrict an IP address or a group of IP addresses, to access or review details on your website
8 All the parent / student enquiries are categorized depending on their response
9 All parent / student enquiries can be grouped depending on their categories
10 Parent / student lead follow up history is maintained and saved for future use
11 Newsletter marketing feature is added here to boost business marketing
12 Email templates and SMS templates are added and saved for marketing strategy
13 E-mail notifications are sent on each registration and for enquiry follow ups
1 Easy user interface
2 Access WebERP4’s Lead management anytime, anywhere and on any device.
3 Ability to add users, easily and flexibly. No need for a full time administrator
4 Fully customizable and scalable
5 Generates reports on marketing activities. Reduces TCO and increases ROI
6 Centralizing marketing accounts. Easy calendaring and scheduling
7 Have a complete track of all your training leads and opportunities
8 Improves sales forecasting
8 Improved students / customers satisfaction by faster response to enquiries
  • "WebERP4 is an advanced software application that works as a comprehensive and one stop solution for all your business development needs"
  • "Total business solutions in Information Technology. This application makes the marketing management easy as never before"
  • "This Service is to save your time and ease your procurement process."