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Students Management
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Students Management
Student Management helps in storing data for admission, registration, scheduling, examination, grading, planning, evaluation and decision making in a school or a college.
Students Management
Key Features
1 Add manage students details, with class and admission information
2 View and edit student and parent details
3 Store exam question papers
4 Track examination marks- class wise and section wise
5 Track student progress and report monthly / quarterly / half yearly and annually
6 Monitor students academic, sports performance and other curricular activities
7 Store class and section information
8 View, approve / decline student leave request
9 Add announcements / holidays / Birthdays / notes
10 Suspend or inactivate student information from the application
11 Use instant messaging system through email or SMS to send message to parents
12 Students details can be managed as Active and In-Active
1 Easy to use
2 Fully customizable
3 Fully scalable
4 Tracks up to date work status
5 Reduces TCO and increases ROI
6 Ability to add students and parents information, easily and flexibly
7 Eliminate paper work. Go green
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