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Teachers Recruiting Management
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Teachers Recruiting Management
WebERP4 Teachers Recruiting Management helps Schools and Colleges in their recruiting process. It helps them to manage the hiring process.
Teachers Recruiting Management
Key Features
1 Create and manage school / college requirements
2 Assign requirements and manage recruiters
3 Get requirements status and updates
4 Add manage teachers resume and other details
5 Get resumes from different sources, ex- job portals, social networking sites etc. Stores thousands of resume
6 Internal messaging system with rich editor
7 Search teacher’s, with specific recruitment criteria such as qualification, experience etc.
8 Manages posting vacancies, handling applicants, conducting candidate profiling and tracking progress
9 Email notifications
1 This helps hiring new candidates easier, speedier and more productive
2 Reduces recruitment cost, improve time to hire
3 This application reduces the total communication time spend on an individual candidate
4 Provides a complete personalized report of the candidates
5 It helps to find best candidates by sorting their given information and talent
6 It helps reducing time on unwanted candidates resume
7 This application is easily accessible through internet or intranet
8 Fully scalable and customizable
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