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Insurance Management
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Insurance Management
WebERP4’s Insurance Management application helps store employee corporate insurance information in a secured manner. This application is designed to keep track of employee benefits such as health (individual and family), life, vehicle and accidental insurance.
Insurance Management
Key Features
1 Enter insurance companies name, policies and type of services provided
2 Manage insurance companies’ details and arrange them in order
3 Register new employee under an insurance policy and save details
4 Manage all employees’ insurance details like policy number, start date, renewal date, total amount covered, premium amount, insurance name and type
5 Track claim status information and claim reimbursement information
6 Insurance information displayed on individual employees’ account
1 Insurance information displayed on individual employees’ account
2 Update employee with benefit details
3 Gift health and life insurance policy to your employees and gain their confidence
4 Helps employees as well as organizations cope with difficult times in the best possible way
5 Easy access to check claims status
6 Fully scalable and customizable
7 WebERP4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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