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Procurement Management
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Procurement Management
Procurement Management is the core activity of a manufacturing industry. It helps in procurement planning, supplier selection, purchase order creation, invoice verification and payment management.
Procurement Management
Key Features
1 Lot / Transaction No. Management & Tracking
2 Purchase General
3 Purchase Assets
4 Purchase Returns
5 Item Price List / rate default from Supplier
6 Purchase lead time handling
7 Add and manage suppliers / vendors information. Store suppliers payment terms and payment methods
8 Keep a track of all purchase requisitions
9 Track all purchase quotations and orders
10 Create and manage single or multiple purchase orders
11 Save repeat procurement details
12 Receipt procurement
13 Manage all special expenses and in multiple currencies
14 Invoice verification
15 Payment Management
16 Track and save information on material / goods return to vendors
1 Fully scalable
2 Automate your procurement process from purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment
3 Get full transparency into the procurement process by gaining information on suppliers, purchase orders and payment management
4 Improves procurement planning and helps in cost savings
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