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Purchase Order Management
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Purchase Order Management
Purchase Manager is a software package designed for inventory and stock management for any type of business. An entire transaction from enquiry to vendor payment can be modelled based on your business flow. By customizing the package for your business application, we will help you take your business in new directions.
Purchase Order Management
Key Features
1 Add and manage suppliers / vendors information
2 Track and save information on material / goods return to vendors
3 Create and manage purchase orders for goods and enter good received notices when your stocks arrive
4 Send enquiries to vendors and get quotes using the package
5 Customer and vendor database management with integrated email and SMS facility
6 Save repeat purchase order details
7 Track all purchase orders
8 At all stages of a transaction you can easily email or print out details
9 No hardware investments since it is a fast web application that you can access from anywhere using a simple web browser
1 Fully scalable
2 Customer and vendor management with integrated email and SMS options, which means keeping your stakeholders up to date.
3 Web hosted application - keeps your data safe in the Internet so that you can access it from anywhere in the world.
4 User management - you can assign privilege to the users of the application, which means more customisation in providing access to your employees.
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